Dear friends,

We have created this website for people who use wheels while travelling – wheelchair users­­­­­­­­, senior people who prefer to use a wheelchair or scooter when travelling, mothers with strollers, people who are interested in bicycle or segway accessible routes and everybody else who might be interested in information on wheel transport accessible travelling. All of you our readers and authors are united by strong desire of travelling around the world in spite of different obstacles and physical limitations, and eagerness to share their experience and tell the stories about travelling on wheels. Many of us are still afraid to leave our homes and step out but wish so much to see the world!

We will tell you about local sights and attractions of different countries, accessible museums, theatres and restaurants and advise the most comfortable routes and accomodation adapted for wheel transport users. Here we also describe different problems one can face during long travelling to unknown places. We hope that well prepared you will not get into any difficult situation at all.

It might seem to be strange but it appeared that it was easier to tell about travelling abroad than in our own country, and even in our native city. But we will be glad if you would intend to visit Russia.  We started telling you about our two largest cities – Moscow, the capital of Russia and Saint-Petersburg, the so-called cultural capital of Russia. To tell you the truth Russia isn’t a perfect county for people with reduced mobility especially in wintertime. Here one shall experience extreme Russian winter. The severe climate and snowdrifts could darken even fascinations of romantic trips. So we suggest you to think your plans over or to come to Russia during summertime.  We will do our best to organize you a stay as much comfortable as possible, and we plan to inspect all the worthy sights of these 2 cities in order to work-out accessible routes through Moscow and Saint-Petersburgh.

We launched this project in order to spread information about accessible recreation. Sure it will develop with your help, your support and travel experience. And we will be happy to know that somebody one day have started a journey and followed your footsteps, or shall we say wheel tracks?

Good luck and see you soon!

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